Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Endangered circles

The shoddily written brochure burbles (after saying that Winston Churchill "stayed here" though he visited Waverley Inn on Outer Circle): "The Inner Circle comprises an 8 acres spread of lush green… fountains, well-equipped children park, leaving lavish space for a morning walk, Huge shady trees that flower in blue, violet, yellow and white. Here even today the morning mist hangs on trees. A sight that would take away anybody’s breath… bordered by amazingly out of this world cottages... The sheer fairy tale beauty of the sight would bring a lump to a visitor’s throat."

Yes, the copy requires editing with a machete, but my first thought actually was: Surely they can't be allowed to get their grubby hands on Inner Circle?

Well, into this "fairytale world" they're introducing the hideousness shown below. They could at least have nodded in the direction of colonial architecture, maybe made it not quite so high risen.

My new project is to find people who will buy the remaining cottages and preserve them in any form – hotel, shop, restaurant, theatre, home – just as long as they're not sold to developers. There are some that should be preserved as heritage sites.

Whitefield is being reduced to a silicon chip and some cement dust.


Krishnan Menon said...

At the bottom of the website among the features of the project - I wonder what a 'Car Wasung Area' is. May be we should buy one just to move in like cacofonix in the 'mansions of the gods' and drive the residents out.

Gargoyle said...

ha ha ha ha that might be the only course left.

Gautam said...

Good idea Chu. I say, buy one and have the following classified ad in the paper:

"Rehearsal flat for musicians. Rs.500 a month for rock bands. Rs.250 a month for heavy metal bands. FREE to death metal bands. Electricity and drum kit provided. Drug friendly."

Anonymous said...

I want to move to Whitefields too.

I am attracted by the Gay Young Men and servant's toilet.

Gargoyle said...

Perhaps the Gay Young Men congregate in the Car Wasung Area.

Gautam said...

We should tell them that there's already a Centralised Gas Bank at the WRC. Heh heh heh.

achan said...

The photo is hideousness at the foot of the marathahalli bridge on the white field side. When I get back I will send you the real hideousness that is being perpetuated in the Inner circle and around Naidulayout. Once I took a photo from our roof, I will send you another when I get back on 5th april
(this photo hides the Spice Garden Restraunt )...achan

Gargoyle said...

No no this is the one in Inner Circle. They all look the same! See the link.

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