Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Burning or drowning?

When I first got my iPod (free, incidentally, with my Macbook), I went through the motions of loading music and then put it in a drawer. I didn't know what to do with it since I have no need of portable music (headphones get on my nerves while exercising, earphones are anathema at all times). Now that I have no other music player, the iPod is suddenly getting a lot of work. Just now, the familiar strains of Here Comes the Sun caused an absolute tsunami of homesickness for my CD player. It also suddenly occurred to me that seas have storms. Ships sink. Things happen. After the first sweeping horror, I remembered they’re still making Linns, they will probably sell me another. Over time my books and CDs can all be replaced. Even the most "irreplaceable" pair of shoes isn't really so. The only thing I now wish I'd kept with me are the photo albums. So it seems I have an answer now to the annoying "What would you save in a fire?" question. It's also uncomfortably close to the choice of death one. Leonard Cohen now in the headphones, singing Who by Fire. Quite.

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