Saturday, June 07, 2008

Logic bomb

A strange thing happens when I play Sudoku. As I focus all my concentration on the logic, my brain starts to spew all sorts of detritus. Things I read that day, things people said to me years ago, what I said to someone I'd forgotten about, the colours on the wall of a house I saw briefly from a plane window, the music I listened to yesterday, ideas for a brief I got last week, the time, what I should have for lunch, snatches of dialogue from TV serials and movies, DVD covers, CD labels, the dress I saw in a window somewhere, other people's phone conversations, tips from a magazine, voices in crowds that you didn't separate from the general buzz at the time. It's like a video starts up in the background and plays non-stop till I stop. Also, there are no repeats. The content of the video is always new and I do the Sudoku in the paper every day. Talk about reaping what you sow.

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