Saturday, October 17, 2009

Asatoma satgamaya

And so an American president signs a bill after lighting a lamp in the presence of a chanting priest. The little ceremony was strangely touching. But it still left me with an unease so deep and fundamental that I can't spot the reasons for it. I think one more thing was eroded today. It feels as if all this is probably good for this generation and the next, but ultimately bad for the human race. But, as I said, no coherent thought emerges, just unfocused foreboding.


Honey Digra said...

Apparently the mantra underlies the political strategy. So, I find nothing real about the whole ceremony.

achan said...

I am with you there. The American President seems to be an ardent student of our own home made Mantri-jis, This sort of gimmic is what they tend to do. Unfortunately he seems to have forgotten that the educational level in his country has a larger percentage than India.

Honey Digra said...

Hi there

Actually I was jus' brushing past your online library and I happened to notice that you had read 'Angela's Ashes'. It is, what you say, a part of my 'plan to read' books. So, could ya please give me the review. I mean, does it leave you emotionally drained?? If so, then I might not read this it.

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