Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Latest pet peeves

Call waiting: What is the point of this? It’s rude and disrespectful to interrupt someone to take another call. But if you don’t, the second caller thinks you’re ignoring them. Isn’t it a lot more informative, not to mention civilized, if your phone is engaged when you’re on it and it goes straight to voice mail?

Lift hustlers: Do they really fear the lift will leave without them? It’s not a Mumbai local train, you know. It can be held open until everyone gets in, so there’s really no need to trample everyone in your path to do so.

Red-light creepers: Is it now a loser thing to actually halt at a traffic light? My driver used to do the creeping forward thing too. He’s stopped doing it now, but I think it’s more about humouring the mad woman in the back rather than understanding (or caring) that the white bit in front is for people to cross on, not the starting line for a green-light race.

Footpath riders: I don’t care if you’re a bicycle or an ice-cream vendor – if you’re not walking, get on the bloody road.

Starers*: I’m not an escaped circus animal. I am not the Taj Mahal. I am not even the best-looking woman in the vicinity. Move on before I punch your eyes out.

*I have to clarify that it's both men and women. The whole damned world. Men, women, children, stray dogs, the odd cat, some cows, a coffee machine... hmmm, would I need to see someone about this one?


Gautam said...

My ongoing pet peeve is DVD menus that don't get to the point. Why are you showing me clips of a movie I'm about to watch just as soon as you stop showing me the clips and let me press 'Play Movie'!!!

the real nick said...

If this is the complete list of peeves then you are quite happy-go-lucky. But I'm sure it's an abridged version?

Tys on Ice said...

thats it? only 5 peeves? You are being kind rite?.. what about:-
- the repeat lift button pushers
- the stop in the middle of the road to unload passenger taxis
- the immediate honker whose hand hits the horns the moment the light turns green
- the drivers who from a 60 hits 120 the moment they see someone crossing the road or trying to get onto their lanes
- the women who gets to cut a queue ( its called convienient feminism)
- the mobile fone user in the cinemas
- the plastic wrapper crackling chips eating monkey behind you in the same cinema.
- the sales person who tails you in the store

...hmmm? you missed a whole bunch..

Mrs.Shandekar said...

Gautam you are so right! I HATE it when the "cannot-fast-forward" symbol shows up on the screen and I continue to furiously press the button anyway!

My main one since moving back to India - the assvice every SINGLE billionth person I meet tends to hand out!!

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