Thursday, July 07, 2011

Gold Gargoyle for Entertaining Reviews of Hindi Movies

goes to Item Number. And it's not just because she's listed my blog either.

Excerpt from review of Delhi Belly:
"My mother, may still consider taking me home and feeding me, but not before giving me the look, if during road rage I hung out of the car screaming chutiye!! at an auto-waala, but if my choice of words were to be "fuck you" in a calm non-hostile fashion and from within the confines of my car to a fellow honker, I’d probably have to park on the side and reason out with her as to where did she go wrong with her upbringing. Let’s get over it, I say."

Full review here.


Snotty English-spikking types said...

Minus half a Gargoyle for use of "dialogues".

Gargoyle said...

Hahahahahahahaha the Gargoyle is for the entertainment value. For general integrity of language, it's several minus Gargoyles.

Extra No:1 said...

lets not forget i'm still listed here and can still read:)

Gargoyle said...

I know, my favourite Extra, I know! But after all, it's nothing I haven't said to you before! And I'm still a big fan.

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