Saturday, June 21, 2014

If you were a young adult in Bangalore in the early 90s…

Disclaimer: There are many Bangalores from that time, and this is just one of them, but they all shared that certain something.

You saw Jerry McGuire in Symphony, and Pulp Fiction in Blue Moon. You’ve seen at least one Disney movie in Rex when you were a kid. You remember a long-ago drive-in your parents used to go to. The version you saw in Grease on a VHS tape was both completely different and vaguely familiar.

You went to shows in Chowdiah Memorial Hall, Ravindra Kalakshetra and Guru Nanak Bhavan. You went to European film festivals at Alliance Francaise and Max Mueller Bhavan. You had a British Council Library card. And you still have a book somewhere you never returned to Eloor Lending Library.

You had steak at Shezan and apple pie in The Only Place. It’s still the best apple pie you’ve ever had, though you’ve become fussier about steak. You ate pasta at Casa Piccola, and you know by now it bears no resemblance living or dead to any pasta anywhere else on the planet, but you’re going to be sentimental about it if it kills you.

You had Hot Chocolate Fudge at Corner House, lychees and cream at Lakeview and gulab jamun at Bhagatram’s. You had Chinese at Chung Wah, Rice Bowl and Ginza. You didn’t have sushi anywhere, ever. You didn’t know it existed.

You ate biryani in a lot of places, but the best was always at Muslim weddings.

You can’t look at Central Mall now without remembering scrambled eggs on toast under the trees in Victoria. And thinking of Victoria automatically leads you to Koshy’s.

You’ve spent years learning one or more of these – Bharatnatyam, Carnatic music, any Indian instrument, the complete playlists of Lata Mangeshkar, Mohammed Rafi and Mukesh.

You went clubbing to The Club. You drove there in a car crammed with too many people. Which is why your kids’ lives are that much harder now. You also remember a converted iron foundry called Lee Dance Furnace. And tea in Russell Market afterwards, sandwiches at the Taj Coffee Shop, kababs in Fraser Town or rolls in Fanoos, depending on what time you left.

But when you said the Club, you meant you were swimming, playing tennis or snooker, going to the library or hanging out on the lawn.

You’ve been to a Christmas Dance or a Mayflower Ball. Or both. You’ve jived, waltzed, breakdanced, done the Birdie Dance, the Macarena and the Vanilla Ice thing. You’ve looked doubtfully at the Lambada.

New Year’s Eve meant at least three parties to hop to. And you’ve rounded it off with breakfast at Airlines Hotel.

A fancy “going out” mostly meant somewhere within the area enclosed by St Marks Road, Dickenson Road, Commercial Street and Richmond Road. You know about the drag races on MG Road late at night.

You remember being kept on a fairly short leash by your parents, and not being given very much money, but you’re reading this list and thinking that you seemed to have done a lot anyway.

You remember bars named Underground and Black Cadillac that seemed like fabulous high-life at the time. You knew people then who were openly gay and it was just another strand in the regular fabric of life. You knew at least one person who was in a band. You knew aspiring artists, actors, directors, writers, fashion designers and models. You’ve since watched several of them become famous.

You remember when Bangalore was India’s most liberal, laidback city. That’s the India you take with you when you travel, and what you mean when you’re so happy to say you’re from Bangalore.


SkinnyManhattan said...

Aw - you've made me homesick. And yes, definitely fussier about steak though Shezan tasted pretty damn mind-blowing at the time. I also remember graduating from Casa's to Mac's - the area around which we nonsensically called the Gaza Strip in reference to the Iranian men that hung out there. We weren't too high on geography, world matters or political correctness, were we?

rajesh rajan said...

Very cool minakshi. :) I'm all glee

zubair zzeeh said...

Thanks for reminding us the good old times

Anonymous said...

What about the snooker parlours( all balls)

Anonymous said...

Wow, pretty freaky that so many people had the exact same experience at that time. Totally relate. Also PyEJ from Mounts ... too close :)

now-i-blog mishra said...

God! You forgot to mention the ONLY discotheque called KO (knockout) on Brigade Road, dancing till 3am in the morning and if u did not have a car, one could still get an auto and totally safe to travel with a very good looking girl friend... Which was like, everybody was good looking & chilled in Blore

Sara Liz said...

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Kurian Joseph said...

Wimpy's Burgers and the afternoon disco at Time n' Again where Ivan was the resident dj. Proud to be Bangalorean. Lovely article.

Kurian Joseph said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
rajani Penupalla said...

How naustalgic.... how can we forget nilgiris in brigade road, Lakeview icecream parlour open till 1.30 at night, the toy train in cunning park, cotton candies near schools...brahmins coffee canteen's idlis and loads of chutney, pubworld and NASA happening pubs along with guzzlers inn....miss u bangalore

ps said...

Yep this is the Bangalore I know.. knew and love.

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