Monday, December 03, 2007

The book of love is long and boring...

Now and then, the couple at the table next to me sound like they’re in love, but mostly they just sound like a shrink and his patient. Sure, it’s a good thing to talk about your problems as a couple, but sometimes you should just give it up and tell jokes.

He says he’ll tell her some of what he does and where he goes but not everything - but she can be sure that he will never lie to her. She says she’s thirty years old and has lost her beauty (sister, you ain’t even begun). He seems to feel that she looks like an angel - this should be gratifying, but not noticeably. He says he doesn’t want her sympathy. Which is strange because she hasn’t offered any. Now he tells her she has the longest memory in the history of mankind. Considering that this refers to his sitting in his ex-girlfriend’s pocket at a party, I really don’t blame her. He’s admitting that he took her for granted.

It emerges that this is a post-break-up meeting. He’s asking her to consider how much it hurt him. He says he’s literally sobbed over her because he didn’t have access to her life. If, as it seems, she left because she felt he spent too much time with other girls, he needs to try a different tack. She’s very quiet.

I feel sad for them now. They’re in that terrible “can’t live with or without you” stage. And, looking at it from the outside, they clearly still like each other. But there’s no telling at this point if they will work it out or let it go, to regret it when it’s too late.

For such an important conversation, they’re being too loud in too public a place.

If I was his girlfriend, I would have left him - maybe for dead - just for using phrases like “access to your life”.

Two whole hours later: It sounds like they’re getting married, but that seems to involve a lot of exhausting talk as well, so I can’t really tell.


achan said...

you shouldnt actually ewesdrop on onther peoples conversation ! This morning I had a full body - oil - massage. This is done by a young girl, maybe 30 - 32, usualy its very silent , meaning there is not much talk, suddenly she says " if you reduce your drinking, your stomach will go down !" and she told me how to reduce also. As usual I grunted. all the while thinking how she got on to the matter of drinks, when I never have a drink before a massage, not possible anyway at 7.30 in the morning ! esp now when the temp is 18 C in the morning ! On further reflection I deduced that she has been coached by my wife, This same girl had done the massage for her a couple of days back. She is our in house mauser ( if thats the correct word)
By the way did they get married ?

Gargoyle said...

I wasn't eavesdropping. I had no choice but hear considering they were shouting practically in my ear.

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