Saturday, February 23, 2008

And in other news...

Guatemala farmers release police
Guatemalan farmers disarmed 29 police officers inside a police station and took them by boat to a remote jungle village, where they held them hostage for two days. The helpless hostages included a police station head, a police district head and four other commanders. The farmers wanted the release of a "farm leader", whatever that means, arrested for robbery and illegally occupying land. Apparently they've got what they wanted. A police spokesman said: "They told us they are going to kill them one by one."

The Japanese invented a DangerBomb
It’s an alarm clock that looks like a bomb, sounds like a bomb and forces you to work like a keen-eyed Hollywood bomb squad before you're even awake. You can turn it off only by detaching the right coloured wire – which is determined randomly every day. If you get it wrong, it will explode in your ear. If you're likely to be in a US airport at the same time as a flight coming in from Japan, expect to take at least a day to get through security.

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