Monday, February 04, 2008

War on error

Occasionally there is a quiet voice of reason that says coincidence has been an acceptable form of human error since time immemorial. Or a calmly informed comment about perfectly natural prevailing conditions of wind and water. But these are ignored even by readers who were thinking much the same thing themselves. Conspiracy theories about the cut cables are far more exciting.

Discussion among bloggers ranges from the obvious and unimaginative "terrorist attack" to the equally so NATO/CIA/NAVY axis of evil-bashers to the hysterically amusing "Russia is starting a cold war again" to the highly entertaining "I sent a large file to my friend, maybe it was too much". It's also interesting to note that several US bloggers and their readers seem to believe that the cutting off of Iran is the most serious consequence, forgetting, perhaps never knowing, about the others. India, for example, and the very real seriousness of that. The links are so many, I can't provide them here. I suggest a Google search. It's well worth the time.

Meanwhile, my internet access in Dubai continues uninterrupted, as you can see. I seem to have fallen within the correct 60%, in an entirely unprecedented move by the universe. Maybe it's been taken over by aliens.

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