Sunday, August 17, 2008

Bathos in Beijing

If the secret PR objectives of the opening ceremony were a) Change the quality perception of "Made in China" and b) Scare the shit out of them all by showing them what we can do if we want to, then the secret PR department has done a great job. 1.5 billion people running in harness was an awesome spectacle.

India meanwhile couldn't get its snout of the trough long enough to think about basic protocol. What was the head of a political party, even the ruling party, doing among the Heads of State? And 56 participants? That's all we could get from one billion people? The local sports meet in one village alone would throw up about 10 possibilities – without special training. Where have all the sponsorships gone? Gone to cricket, every one.

Still, I'm glad I'm Indian and not Chinese. I've not been broke to bridle.

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