Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The view is not exactly clear

I have nothing to say really. I've only started this post because I've discovered the only good thing about Windows Vista - you get a blog post page right there on your desktop that you can use to type and publish without ever negotiating the inefficiencies of Internet Explorer.

In all other respects, Vista and everyone responsible for creating and selling it should be burned to the ground, preferably on live webcam. My recent entry into a world without Macs is attended by deep disgust for all things PC, deepening as I unfortunately find that my prejudices are in fact, fact. I haven't been absolutely anti-PC before this and am comfortable working on one, so there's no technical trauma. Just the horror of principles violated. That's what makes Vista even more unspeakable than it is – it's trying to ape a Mac OS, but it's all just cosmetic. At heart, it is still hidebound and the hide is pin-striped. It drives me crazy every time I encounter something stupid that could have been done so much more simply, has been done!

For example, it has a Taskbar like the Macs have a Launcher, but for some reason you can't put everything in the task bar and you have to go through two steps to do it. You can't change the size of the icons either so you have to peer at the bottom of your screen for an hour before you can make out that the seventh blue dot is Internet Explorer. It fussily puts everything into dedicated folders and doesn't give you an easy way to change the automatic settings. It pretends to give you everything in the bloody Start button and then organizes it into sub folders, sub-sub folders and paragraph a, clause 56.2, so it becomes unwieldy and not at all user-friendly. That, incidentally, is the seventh or eighth most over-used word in the technology industry according to a recent survey.

It is also slow, slow, slow.


Anonymous said...

This might answer some of your questions... RUN from it before you get too used to it :-)

Amma said...
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