Friday, January 09, 2009

What's that song?

Why is it so hard to get over the Tour of Nilgiris? All of us who participated have other lives, work, events to go to or avoid, people to call or duck, places to be, things to do, but most of us are right now in some sort of post-TFN dream.

During our impressionable years, we’ve all been on school and college excursions, girl guide/boy scout/NCC camps, class trips. Since then, we’ve gone on voluntary versions of those with friends, family, colleagues. So that kind of group dynamic is not new to any of us, and yet there is something new and different about TFN. Attempting to work out what is like trying to list the entire discography of an artist from a half-tune that keeps playing in your head. And just as annoying.

I do know that I came back rejuvenated, almost jubilant. Parts of my mind that I thought were permanently atrophied from disuse turned out to have just been a little rusty – they got some exercise and are working fine again. I also, inexplicably, came back vindicated and hopeful. I thought it was the usual euphoria of achievement that comes after any prolonged activity but it has lasted long beyond the time that should have faded. And not just for me, judging by what others are saying.

What was so deeply influencing about those seven days? The scenery, the camaraderie, the feat? That could have been so for the cyclists – except it’s not really the cycling they seem to be talking about now – but it doesn’t explain the attachment the non-cyclists feel. What happened there to make it so special? Perhaps it should just be enough that whatever it was, happened.

A few days ago, the Facebook status of a fellow TFN alumnus read: “can’t get over TFN and it’s almost irritating me now”. That seems about right.


modi said...

Am also Singing the same song! Just cant give a name to it.
I guess everyone on TFN are not just singing but dancing to it.

sameer said...

Ahh - u captured it so accurately and articulately.
Its almost defining what life's been about, or maybe thats how I want it to be :)

Arun said...

Mina, your aunt -- who is a tough nut by any standards -- is so affected by your coverage of TFN that she wants to, I think, participate in TFN 09. She has posted a comment on the TFN site. Unbelievable!

Gargoyle said...

Ha ha ha knowing her, she'll do it too! Where on the TFN site?

Arun said...

With the post on the TFN teaser video by Flaunge.

Shumit said...

Okay this is getting worse. I did not do it last year but the pictures are driving me crazy. Just hoping that I get my new bike and start training hard for it. It will be even better to finish it strong

Gargoyle said...

@Shumit: Sign up for TFN 09! It'll give you the impetus needed :) Also you'll find lots of people who did it last year after only two months' training.

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