Monday, December 29, 2008

Day four: Blogger blues

I've never written like this before – with minimum time for processing, editing or proofing. Each post I write is shadowed by the knowledge that my best expression of it will come two weeks later, after it's had time to distil. My impressions each evening are too many and too raw to do justice to right away. So each day's post is a deadening feeling of not having written as well as I would have wanted to.

I'm also not quite clear on how to work this strange not-quite-marketing, not-quite-journalism, not-quite-me thing. On the one hand, my background means that. in spite of myself. I work for the benefit of the firm, rather than comment casually on it, as I would have otherwise. I make up nothing, leave out no salient facts, but I automatically arrange them for maximum enhancement of brand image, exercising marketing discretion without conscious thought. On the other hand, I get very annoyed with anyone who tells me what I should write, and the ones who are displeased or puzzled after I post. I want to say: this is my blog, my voice saying what I want it to say, I'm not bound by any rules.

But I find that I have to say that to myself too, more often than should be necessary. It doesn't matter though, since I'm more than capable of ignoring the voices in my head as well as the ones outside! Or, of course, I may be just depressed right now because my fellow blogger cycled today and made it all the way to Ooty.

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Anonymous said...

dont worry, mina, there isstill next year.You ride and I will blog...... Yes next trip I am going as the support in my own Hundai Zing Automatic. If you want !


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