Saturday, December 27, 2008

Day Three: Until next year, Ullas!

I sadly record the withdrawal of Ullas from the Tour. He had a bad fall today. Nobody is quite clear about how it happened, not even the eye-witnesses. One moment he was upright, the next he was not. We came round the corner minutes later to find him being given First Aid in a luggage truck that happened to be handy, in shock, face bruised, wrist possibly broken and a tooth lost. The doctor and the ambulance were on their way. We left soon after they arrived and met him again this evening, looking much better but with his diagnosis of broken wrist confirmed. He is a game and enduring rider, keeping up with the built-for-speed road bikes on his not-quite-so mountain bike. I will miss the cheerful smile as we crawl past him every 20km or so, his answer to our "All well?" almost always an enthusiastic thumbs-up. He feels it very keenly that "this is the end of the Tour for me".

PS: The picture alongside is Ullas resting against a support vehicle outside the restaurant, just about 20 minutes before his fall.


Subra ....[ V . Subramanian ] said...

Bad luck ... Ullas...Hope his wrist fracture will mend soon .

Prasant said...

There's no doubt about Ullas's strength and determination...Being a guy recovering from a accident with a broken leg, I can very well imagine the feelings in his head... Wish him speedy recovery.

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