Saturday, December 27, 2008

Day Two: Slideshow

Iggy had no punctures today (he had three yesterday).
Seema was back in the saddle with the best of them in spite of what should have been a traumatising accident just 37 km outside of Bangalore.
Dr. Renu Arora has patched up a surprising number of people already, as well as riding 200km herself.
Little Ria Arora's quiet time with her Gameboy while waiting for her mother to arrive was hijacked by an enthusiastic discussion on the testing of games. The lucky kid gets to ride in the ambulance.
Gatorade is the most requested drink from the support cars.
Samim was the first to finish (by several hours), again.
Raj Nair and Dipankar came a close second, again (Raj feels that he should probably go slower because everyone else seems to turn up with an interesting story while all he does is finish early).
Joshine was the first woman to finish, again. We passed her on the final climb into Mercara, our car straining a little with the load, and she was not even out of breath when she said "See you on top".
Neither was Ravi, who we'd passed half a km earlier, riding as easily as if it was a flat track.
We were nearly killed by two buses (not at the same time) on the sharp, blind corners that are a specialty of this part of the hills.
Pradeep in the role of chief organiser is working on being in seven places at once – with some success.
The Homestay that we're spending the night at on the Calpa Vruksha estate is a peaceful clearing with a stream running through it, surrounded by forest (the silence is annointed by the complete absence of ringtones – there is no signal whatsoever).
Nilgiris' food for today was idli-vada for breakfast and biryani for lunch. Both were excellent – it's some of the best frozen food I've eaten and I am the undisputed connoisseur of those.
Cycling is a great sport – it allows you to eat indiscriminate quantities of the good stuff, and several times a day if you wish.


Subra ....[ V . Subramanian ] said...

From a bush with thorns comes
the beautiful rose.
From a broken heart comes
powerful prose .
From a cramped cocoon comes
a butterfly new.
From a tough mountain climb
comes a breathtaking view .

So Raj is correct . It is better to slow down and enjoy the beauty of nature on the way .People don't get such chances often in life .Hope the riders will enjoy the cycling as well as the nature during the ride .
Good luck to all .

RNair said...

A week is left for TFN09, I have set a few goals for this year after my past experiences. I will try to set the pace on a few rides otherwise I plan to sit back and enjoy the ride in the company of others :-)

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